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The Kimball Protestant Parish is a unique church that grew out of three separate denominations joining forces to form a more vital ministry.  Our three core denominations are ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America), UMC (United Methodist) and PC/USA (Presbyterian USA).    We worship together each Sunday and do many ministries as one body.   A person does not need to be a member of one of the three denominations to be an active participant of the church. 


A group designated as the Joint Council does the business of the combined church.  Each denomination has four representatives on the Council.   The individual churches (ELCA, UMC and PC/USA) maintain an advisory board (council) and a treasurer, and identify with and report to their synods and conferences. Funds apportioned from each individual church are paid to the Joint Council to manage the church.  Those who are not affiliated with one of the three governing denominations give directly to the joint parish. 


We are located on the northwest side of Kimball in a church building constructed in 2003. Within the building are busy and friendly people who serve the Lord in countless ways.   All of our worshipers and members are ministers in many ways, and our Pastor, Lori Robinson, comes from the Presbyterian tradition.  


This shared ministry did not happen overnight or without a lot of give and take, and much prayer.  Through faith and hope we have become one ministry as well as continued to honor our three denominational ministries.  Most important to remember us is, together we serve Christ.

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